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21 марта 2014

Why does Russia need technopolises: GS Group innovations

Why does Russia need technopolises: GS Group innovations technopolises

GS Group Holding presented its innovative cluster as a promising growth model and a means of supporting small towns in Russia to an industrial exposition that took place on 12-14 March in St. Petersburg.

GS Group representatives explained why private industrial parks, just like state enterprises, can play an important part in the innovative growth of the country.

A.Bezrukov, chief marketing executive in GS Group, presented his report on a conference "Investments into the future: fund-raising, support and development of innovations in the corporations".

Conference participants could not leave the topic of investments and the development of manufacturing startups unmentioned.

The speaker told about the growth of cluster industry in "Technopolis GS", and also noted that it is a great example of progress in small towns of Russia. GS Group mentioned that industry diversification in these towns may be highly efficient due to an electronic industry cluster.

"Technopolis GS" is situated in Kaliningrad region next to town Gusev with a population of 30 thousand people. Six modern manufacturing facilities, producing microelectronics, Nano-materials, packaging materials and innovative house building materials, have already been placed into operation. "Technopolis GS" is the biggest employer in town, as by 2014 it created over two thousand job opportunities. By 2016 it is to increase its staff up to 5 thousand employees.

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