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4 февраля 2014

New warehouses will appear in St. Petersburg

New warehouses will appear in St. Petersburg  warehouses

New logistics and warehousing facilities will appear in St. Petersburg this year. Experts believe that total warehousing space will reach 1 700 000 square meters this year. Still, warehousing deficiency remains an issue.

By the end of 2013, total warehousing space was 1 585 000 square meters. Warehousing demand is still high, and most tenants try to sign lease agreements while the facilities are still in their construction stages.

Nordway, Teorema-Termonal. Orion and other complexes will add over 100 000 square meters to St. Petersburg total warehousing space. Armada park, which is about to finish its complex construction, will add another 76 340 square meters to this list. Developer Adamant is also planning to build a 40-hectare complex in Shushary.

Moscow company Aitaks is planning to build a 49-hectare industrial park in Leningrad region. The project is to be placed into operation by 2018.

Experts believe that warehousing commercial real estate property will be developing for a long time. Right now it is appealing both to tenants and the investors. Average vacancy rate should remain about at approximately 5% for the next couple of years.

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