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13 февраля 2014

New manufacturing warehousing complex is to appear in Moscow vicinity

New manufacturing warehousing complex is to appear in Moscow vicinity  warehousing complex

New manufacturing warehousing complex with a space of 17 000 square meters was placed into operation in Moscow vicinity, next to Moscow ring highway (500 m) and Simferopol highway.

"Building Alliance" holding is the primary contractor and designing engineer.

The complex will mostly manufacture firefighting equipment, special protection equipment, and high-pressure compressors.

"Building Alliance" holding sells warehousing and manufacturing facilities, builds public and administrative buildings, commercial complexes and business centers. Currently, it is developing logistics park "Synkovo". The land plot area of the construction site is 39 Ha. It is designed for the construction of built-to-suit class-A warehousing facilities.

The advantages of the park include solid transport infrastructure, engineering infrastructure, abundance of car parking space, etc. "Synkovo" is situated next to Podolsk, Moscow vicinity.

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