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18 февраля 2014

The potential of Chinese-Belorussian industrial park

The potential of Chinese-Belorussian industrial park industrial park

Another meeting dedicated to the construction problems of a new Chinese-Belorussian industrial park took place in Minsk. Four years ago the presidents of two countries agreed on this project.

Big Chinese corporations are ready to become the tenants of this park. Yet, when it is going to happen is still unclear. Right now the governments are negotiating infrastructure, including transport communication, electricity, gas, water supply, etc.

An entire town with a population of 150 000 citizens is to be built next to Minsk. Innovative manufactures will meet international environmental safety standards. Industrial segment will occupy only 10-15% of the territory. The rest of the facilities are going to be occupied by educational centers, logistics properties, business and commerce facilities. This industrial park is already called a town, suitable for life and for work.

However, this technopolis is a strictly commercial project, beneficial both for China and Belarus. Belarus is interested in the investment, because it will guarantee access to high technologies and create new job opportunities. China is aiming to improve its positions in Europe, as right now European countries and USA are limiting Chinese access to their markets.

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