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27 февраля 2014

St. Petersburg brokers closed over a thousand deals in the last year

St. Petersburg brokers closed over a thousand deals in the last year

12 leading St. Petersburg brokerage companies made 1030 commercial real estate property lease and sales transactions in the last year. A total of 700 000 square meters of property was either rented or sold, which is much more than in 2012.

The first brokerage rating takes place in St. Petersburg for the fourth time already. In the rating, experts analyze lease and sales transactions in the following market segments: high quality warehousing, logistics, and industrial complexes; class A,B, and C business centers; multifunctional retail complexes with a space of 1 500 square meters and more; street-retail built-in facilities; land plot areas. To take part in the rating, transactions should be completed in a period from January, 1st till December, 31st.

12 companies have offered information about their transactions in 2013. Among them: S.A.Ricci, NAI Becar, Best Commercial real estate, Colliers International, Jones Lang LaSalle, IB Group, Knight Frank, and some others.

Leading positions were defined depending on a particular industry segment. In warehousing industry, Bright Rich | CORFAC International appeared to be ahead of the competition – in the last year, the company leased 44 2000 square meters of warehousing property.

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