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23 января 2014

IKEA rents a new warehouse in Moscow vicinity

IKEA rents a new warehouse in Moscow vicinity warehouse

Federal anti-monopoly service granted Swedish company the permission to rent a warehouse in Solnechnogorsk region, Moscow vicinity. Federal anti-monopoly service approved the petition of Swedish company IKEA to rent warehousing facilities, previously owned by "Karavella" Ltd.

"Karavella" is a developer registered in Solnechnogorsk region. It mainly dealw with lease of real estate property. Workle Enterprises, a Cyprus concern, is the owner of the company. Warehousing complex "Logopark North", located in Chorugvino village, Solnechnogorsk region, is one of Karavella's projects. This summer, Karavella signed a 7-year lease agreement with IKEA company, thus leasing 71 800 square meters of warehousing property. According to the legislation of Russian Federation, the deal had to be approved by Federal anti-monopoly service.

Before that, Federal anti-monopoly service approved Raven Russia purchasing 100% of Workle Enterprises stocks.

Swedish company IKEA owns the biggest furniture and household goods retail chain in the world. Last fiscal year brought the company 27 900 000 000 Euros of profit.

IKEA retail chain in Russia comprises 14 stores, located in MEGA hypermarkets, which are also owned by the group. The company warehousing facilities and distributors, as well as its retail chain work according to GS1 System Standard, which facilitates goods management and helps to track goods quality.

"Logopark North" occupies about 112 000 square meters. It was placed into operation in the third quarter of the last year, and currently it is fully occupied. "IKEA", "Eldorado", and Global Logistic Projects are among its tenants.

The value of the logistics park is estimated at 130-140 million dollars. For Raven Russia, acquisition of such property is a logical step, as the company prefers operating projects, occupied by long-term tenants. Negotiations on the acquisition of the second stage of this high quality property may also take place.

Raven Russia invests into functioning high quality warehousing facilities in order to further on lease them to Russian and international companies. "Logopark North" is important enough to stimulate the interest of this company.  Its prior location next to a Leningrad highway twin is attractive to IKEA, which has a store in the vicinity, as well as some other companies.

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