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23 января 2014

“Stupino 2” is presented on an exposition in State Duma

“Stupino 2” is presented on an exposition in State Duma Stupino 2

The project of an industrial park in Stupino, Moscow region, was presented on an exposition in State Duma; the exposition was closed yesterday. It lasted for two days – from 21 to 22 of January. It was organized by the Association of Industrial Parks, along with the Government hour with the minister of industry, and focused on industrial parks as an industry development factor.

Industrial park "Stupino 2" is a project of MR Group company. It occupies over 200 hectares of land plot area in Stupinsk region industrial cluster. Currently, the cluster comprises several parks; manufactures of the world known concerns, such as Mars, Campina, Kerama, Marazzi, and some others operate in these parks. For some time now, Stupinsk region has been one of the three leading regions in Moscow vicinity when it comes to investment attractiveness. By January 1st, 2013, over a billion dollars has been invested in the region.

The industrial park is 80 km from Moscow ring highway, next to M4 "Don" highway and an eco-town New Stupino. The site welcomed its first residents at the end of the last year. The new residents of the park are manufacturers of building materials and venting equipment. They will occupy 3 hectares of the park territory and create 150 job opportunities. The park can offer these opportunities to qualified workforce from low-rise town New Stupino, which is only 10 km away from the park, as well as offer accommodations to out of town workers.

Association of the industrial parks unites leading industries on a non-commercial basis. Over 70 enterprises, representing 55 industrial parks in 27 constituent entities, are its members. These are managing companies; regional development corporations; consulting, designing, and building organizations. Together, they try to create a favorable investment climate in Russia. The goals of the Association in Russia deal with developing a competent and professional industrial site management, as well as controlling compliance with the best Russian and international industrial parks standards.

Every year the Association organizes about 20 industry events and represents its members on third-party investment meetings. It owns the rights to the Industrial Park Standards, which is the standard of voluntary certification for Russian industrial parks. It stimulates industry development and guarantees high project standards in operating industrial parks.

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