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28 января 2014

“MTL” company will manage several warehouses in the capital

“MTL” company will manage several warehouses in the capital warehouses

Four warehousing facilities, previously owned by "Glavsnab", are now under general management of "MTL" company. The total space of the warehousing facilities is approximately 83 thousand square meters; the property is located on a 24.6 hectare land plot area.

These warehousing properties include: "Laundry Plant", "Beskudnikovo" filial branch, "Perovo" warehousing base depot affiliate department, and warehousing complex "Kapotnya".

The main goal of this property management company is to offer a wide range of warehousing management services. The management was transferred in order to increase operation ROI. To achieve its goal, MTL performs the following activities: operation management, financial accounting, financial clearing of the property's operation, business-planning, claim settlement, legal documentation of lease relations, lease relations management, etc.

Rykov G.K., top-manager of "Best" company group, commented on this agreement: "Collaboration with "Glavsnab" from the capital allowed our company to enter Moscow market, which is a part of our enterprise development strategy. There are plenty of properties we can work with in the capital: warehousing centers that belong to important logistics operators, as well as warehousing facilities, owned by small businesses.

Currently, over 100 tenants work in the facilities under our management, while average occupancy rate of these facilities is slightly more than a half. Unroofed storages are as poorly occupied. Apart from that, we will have to carry out an ad campaign, develop warehousing facilities infrastructure, etc."

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