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30 января 2014

New agricultural complex it to be opened in Volga Region

New agricultural complex it to be opened in Volga Region agricultural complex

This summer, the first stage of "Vegetable Capital" project will be placed into operation in Leninsk, Volga region. "Magnolia-Agro" LLC, that recently signed partnership agreement with the regional authorities, is investing into the project.

On signing the documents, the governor of the region Sergey Bozhenov stated that the revitalization of processing industry is one of the major priorities for the regional government.

Once Volga region was considered to be Russian vegetable market. Even though its glory has faded, joint endeavors of regional authorities, entrepreneurs and bankers, have lead to a new stage. Modern production, utilizing the latest equipment, is being organized.

"Vegetable capital" will be placed on two sites. Those are the territories of the future industrial park and a tool plant.

Agro complex will process fruit and vegetables to produce juice, mash, and semi-fished pastille products. Latest raw processing zero waste technology is to be implemented. Fruit and vegetables will mostly be bought from local agrarians, which is supposed to stimulate agricultural development of the region.

The project is worth 370 000 000 Euro. The site in Leninsk it to create 200 job opportunities. Tax liabilities to the regional budget will start at 2 000 000  Euro.

Leninsk is a regional center with a population of approximately 15 500 people. Agriculture has always been a base for the economy of the region, which is risky because high yields are rare. The construction of the agro complex presupposes goods from neighboring regions as well. Procedures, aimed at the support and development of small entrepreneurship, are being implemented in Leninsk. Also, legal framework determining the functionality of small and mid-size businesses is being introduced. Regional authorities are trying to make Leninsk attractive for entrepreneurs, so that the government could benefit from their activity. This is particularly relevant for local farm businesses.

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