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31 января 2014

Industrial park “Eagle” (“Orel”) is presnted to State Duma

Industrial park “Eagle” (“Orel”) is presnted to State Duma industrial parks

The project of "Severostal-metiz" was presented on a State Duma exposition focusing on industrial parks. Recently an exposition focusing on industrial parks as an industrial development factor took place in State Duma.

The event was organized by the Association of Industrial Parks, which suggested to carry it out during Government hour with Denis Manturov, the minister of industry.

Aleksey Erenichev, project manager of the "Eagle" industrial park emphasized that considering current development of the industrial parks, in a couple of years it will be difficult to find a company, willing to locate its manufacturing facilities in the middle of nowhere. Industrial parks with solid infrastructure, just like "Eagle", become more and more attractive for the investors. At the end of 2013, the industrial park welcomed a new resident – Orlov pipe box factory launched its facilities on the territory of the park. More production facilities from "BIS" LLC, specializing in alloys and castings, and "Art-Project" LLC, a metal processing enterprise, will soon be launched.

Thirty-six industrial parks currently operating in Russia cannot fully meet the investors' demand. That is why about 80 similar sites are to be constructed.

Industrial park "Eagle" is located to the north of the regional center, and is surrounded by major highways. Its total space is approximately 120 hectares. Industrial, warehousing, and office facilities occupy a total space of 600 000 square meters. About 50 residents have already placed their productions in the park, thus, occupying two thirds of its territory.

A specially developed navigation system is functioning on the territory of the industrial park. Currently, it has no analogues in other industrial parks of Russia. On entering the park, visitors can see a map with the location of each enterprise. All buildings are divided into four lines and are marked with Latin letters. Also, each building has a sign indicating the direction to the nearest building and stating the distance between these facilities. With the help of this simple system, each visitor can find a warehouse, an office, or an industrial building he is looking for. Park management is planning to implement more innovative ideas.

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