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15 октября 2013

Optimizing manufacture and warehousing processes

Optimizing manufacture and warehousing processes warehousing processes

Introduction of a new equipment type, furnished with gravity trail, contributed to the optimization of warehousing space, structure and daily routine.

An efficient plant is a plant with an optimized industrial process and warehousing maintenance. New gravity pallet jacks significantly contribute to plant optimization.

Introduction of gravity pallet jacks facilitates transporting heavy freights and increases loading operations process. Apart from the advantages mentioned above, this warehousing equipment optimizes warehousing space and computerizes loading-unloading operations.

The functionality of the equipment is explicitly simple – because of the inertness products move on a trail under their own load. The device is equipped with wheels that can change the velocity.

While working on this automation equipment, client's needs, product features and warehousing environment have been taken into consideration. Currently, the equipment has already been introduced and the warehouse is working at its full capacity. Loading operations are smooth and running.

The manufacturer of this equipment, "Logistics Group" has been working in warehousing industry for years. It has functioning projects in Russian Federation and other CIS countries. The corporation specializes in manufacture and offers a wide range of additional services for over-dimensional pallet racks. The enterprise also produces a variety of warehousing storage equipment, optimizing the space of the facility.

It is important to mention that the organization does not merely integrate warehousing equipment, but also offers the development of customer-tailored logistics systems.

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