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14 октября 2013

Overall situation on warehousing real estate market

Overall situation on warehousing real estate market warehousing real estate

The number of for-sale and lease warehousing real estate properties has significantly increased in the middle of the year. With regard to class-A facilities in Moscow vicinity, vacancy rate is still extremely low. For several years, it has never been higher than 2%, which indicates that demand outruns supply.

Some experts believe that in 2014 the situation might change. Total space of Moscow warehousing and industrial facilities supply in the middle of the year was 0.5 million square meters. This means that in comparison with the preceding time period, there was 20% increase in supply.

In the third quarter of the year the amount of warehousing facilities increased twice – that is, 415 new properties were supplied. Rental rate is stable and it is expected to stay that way. Some experts believe that warehousing demand might decrease, which will simplify the situation on warehousing and logistics real estate market.

Experts agree that due to unstable economy warehousing market is particularly vulnerable. If there is a recession, demand on warehousing infrastructure will significantly decrease.  The more stable economy is, the higher is the demand on warehousing properties. In case economical situation is ambiguous, there might be a decrease in warehousing demand.

New logistics complexes are still developing rapidly. 700 thousand square meters of warehousing facilities were built in 2012. By the end of this year total space of warehousing facilities should be 1 million square meters. Experts believe that if construction rate remains unchanged in 2014, warehousing market will become more saturated.

Considering these data, it is possible to say that situation is quite optimistic. Plus, it is important to note that the majority of warehouses are in fact built-to-suit facilities, which significantly facilitates the search for prospective tenants to occupy vacant facilities.

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