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10 октября 2013

Warehousing facilities growth in St. Petersburg

Warehousing facilities growth in St. Petersburg Warehousing facilities

According to the acquired information, two more high-class properties will top warehousing market of the Northern capital.  Total space of these properties is 27 thousand square meters. As a result, total warehousing space in St. Petersburg will be 1.488 thousand square meters, indicating1.8% growth.

Logistic complex "Osinovaya Rosha" (Aspen Grove) is one of the new propertiesmentioned above. Second stage of this project was placed into operation at the end of this summer. Warehousing space of the property is 45 thousand square meters. The project will create a base, offering full range of logistics services.  30% of property facilities are available for lease by the provider. The most important thing is that by the time this logistics center was launched, all of the built-for-rent facilities had been occupied.

Warehousing market will be topped by four other logistics parks, which will be placed into operation by the end of the year. Total space of these properties will be 88.7 thousand square meters. Once it is done, Leningrad warehousing market will have a total of 1.576 thousand square meters of class-A warehousing facilities, which indicates 8.3% growth. In comparison with the last year, total warehousing facilities growth remains unchanged.

Warehousing real estate demand is still high in the third quarter of the year. Currently, tenants occupy 54.8 thousand square meters of warehousing facilities. Most of the facilities are occupied by industrial enterprises (35%) and non-grocery commercial organizations (28.3%).

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