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8 октября 2013

Russian warehousing real estate market in foreign researchers’ forecast

Russian warehousing real estate market in foreign researchers’ forecast warehousing real estate

This year, investments into Russian warehousing real estate market may reach 8 billion dollar mark – according to researchers from Jones Lang LaSalle investment company. Also, according to the company data, a total sum of over 1.5 billion dollars has been invested during the last nine months.

Experts note that despite current economic recession, investment climate is still congenial. Present economic situation does not have a negative effect on fund holders. According to the information regarding projected warehousing and office real estate transactions, investment volume should exceed expectations and reach 8 billion dollar mark.

Pattern of demand remain unchanged – the majority of investors are mostly interested in commercial and office real estate. If all the projected transactions are made during the year, investment volume will reach its maximum. This information has been shared by Cushman & Wakefield. The company prognoses 200 million dollar investment growth in commercial real estate.

Significant investment growth is also projected on the warehousing market. During the year, there was a 17% increase in warehousing investments projects, which is two times higher than it was in 2012.

According to another organization, Colliers International, 295 square meters of new warehousing facilities appeared on the market, which is three times as much as in the preceding year.

Warehousing facilities market in Moscow vicinity is growing as rapidly.
This year index may reach 1 million square meters. However, one should note that vacancy rate of A-class facilities is still low. Only 2% of class-A facilities stay vacant.

Both Russian capitals gain leading positions when it comes to investments. However, the market is also developing outside Moscow and St. Petersburg. Big warehousing property transactions seriously influence the market.

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