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8 октября 2013

“Bin” Group may become the biggest warehousing facilities owner

“Bin” Group may become the biggest warehousing facilities owner warehousing facilities

Recently, "Renova" company pooled "International logistics partnership" capital, which means that in the future "Bin" Group and "Renova" can buy this company.

Aleksey Mosokov, "Renova" CEO states that investments into "Logistics partnership" are portfolio investments. Previously, additional value of the securities was achieved due to GC "Renova" and its partners' participation in the business. Now, when the company product has gained leading positions on the market, it is time to transfer management to a professional investor. If the transaction is made, Bin Group will become one of the biggest warehousing facilities owners in Russian Federation. There is no official information regarding the value of the contract yet, however, most experts believe that is it is going to be at least 700 million dollars.

"Renova" owns or manages enterprises in and within Russian Federation. The assets are placed in financial industry, chemical manufactures, urban utilities, metallurgical industry, heavy machinery, energetics, mining industry, etc. Major company assets are shares in Sulzer, КЭС and UC RUSAL.

"Logistics partnership" develops and manages warehousing real estate facilities. The company has developed over 700 thousand square meters of warehousing complexes and industrial parks.

"Bin" owners posses several logistics real estate properties, as well as "National" hotel, company "Inteko" and a couple of Moscow emporiums.

Regarding warehousing facilities, "Bin" owns over 480 thousand square meters of properties in Russian Federation. After the purchase of "Logistics partnership", total space of logistics properties will climb to 1.09 million square meters. As a result, the company will become one of the biggest logistics facilities owners.

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