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7 октября 2013

The visits of Jungheinrich exhibition stands go over the top

The visits of Jungheinrich exhibition stands go over the top Jungheinrich

Jungheinrich's specialized exhibition is highly popular among congress visitors. It has drawn more attention than in the last four years. ISM, an automated online vehicle park management system, has been presented on the forum this year. The novelty attracted a lot of attention from the audience.

Warehousing facilities owners, possessing several storage facilities, have displayed the greatest interest. This IT-solution significantly facilitates warehousing vehicle park management. The system service pack presupposes control, surveillance and optimization of warehousing loading equipment activities. It also offers remote warehousing monitoring.

In addition, Jungheinrich software developers displayed their WMS. Similar software is being successfully used in warehousing and industrial facilities all over the world.  Jungheinrich office in Germany is, certainly, no exception.

Jungheinrich has been on warehousing and logistics market for years. The company is now an established expert in this field. In addition, it has developed special warehousing equipment manufacture, including hydraulic pallet jacks. The company is also successful in developing warehousing software.

Jungheinrich services include financial services, manufacture, sales and lease of loading equipment, implementation and integration of various logistics systems. A wide range of additional services, including maintenance, gives Jungheinrich a competitive advantage. It has over 130 centers of post-purchase maintenance. Over 60 of them are in Russian Federation.

This exposition once again proves the widespread opinion regarding the quality of Jungheinrich services – clients willingly trust this company with their logistics and warehousing management systems.

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