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7 октября 2013

“Yuzhniy (Southern) fellow city”

“Yuzhniy (Southern) fellow city” Yuzhniy

Construction of an industrial park is a part of "Yuzhniy (Southern) fellow city" development stages. This information has been shared by Semen Smushkin, company executive, who is investing money in "START development" project.

M-20, a major federal highway runs through the site allocated for the industrial park construction. This construction has not been chosen spontaneously, as basically any transportation means will have an easy access to the industrial park. In addition, there is an airport and a seaport close by. Industrial facilities of the property will occupy 99 Ha. This industrial park will include only low-hazard manufactures.

Three indoor power plants will be built to ensure that the town and its industrial properties are supplied with electricity. Nevskiy waterline will supply the town with water. A collector is also projected for the construction, as well as hooking the settlement up to a gas-distributing network.

2 thousand hectares are allocated for the industrial town construction. According to the forecast, in 20 years, the population of the town will climb to 134 thousand people. 176 million rubles of investments are required for the implementation of this project.

Semen Smushkin adds: "Considering the scale of the project and the required investments, this fellow town construction will become one of the most important projects in Russian Federation. 4.3 million square meters of residential real estate are to be built according to plan. In addition, we suppose that the construction process will be simultaneous with developing engineering and social infrastructure. Ecological concepts behind the project will ensure that the fellow town will have a minimal harmful effect on the environment".

The town should not only be eco-friendly, but should also be convenient for its residents. To ensure residential friendliness of the town, its inhabitants will be free to make use of eco-friendly enterprises located in the industrial park.

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