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4 октября 2013

“Magnet” is building a new distribution center

“Magnet” is building a new distribution center distribution center

"Tander" is going to conquer the north of Russia. Its new distribution center can supply citieswith victuals in 1 thousand km radius. Industrial logistics complex will have a new resident – company "Tander". This manufacture owns a nation-wide supermarket chain "Magnet".

Project managers are planning to finish the construction within two years and open its logistics center by next year. The approximate value of works is 1.5 billion rubles. However, the fate of an investment contract is still to be determined, as "Tander" has not yet been included in the list of industrial-logistics complex residents.

Company representatives have not made any official statements so far. Retailer opened its first regional store in Novosibirsk region last year. Currently, this property is the only representative office of the company in the region. However, it is impossible to regard it as a part of Omsk region.

With regard to Omsk region, the retailer already has over 50 stores there, most of which are in the regional center. Last year company owners launched their own 14 thousand square meter distribution center in Omsk.

Due to the lack of information on the subject, experts are forced to speculate on the scale and purpose of Tander's new logistics property.  According to the preferred opinion, it is going to be a wide-rage temperature storage facility with an space of approximately 40 thousand square meters.  8 Ha of land plot area is required for such construction. Other experts believe that this logistics center will occupy a land plot area of 20 Ha and will have a total space of 60 thousand square meters.

As a result, the distribution center will easily supply commercial properties in 1 thousand square km radius, which means that "Magnet" is winning over Altay,  Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, and Kemerovo regions. The ways to implement this ambitious goal will become clear soon. Novosibirsk industrial logistics center is the perfect site for the location of this logistics property.

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