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4 октября 2013

Industrial park “Mar’ino” welcomes a new resident

Industrial park “Mar’ino” welcomes a new resident Industrial park

Industrial capacities of a world-known automotive details manufacturer, French company Inergy Automotive, will be developed in Petersburg industrial park "Mar'ino". The new plant will manufacture car fuel systems. The manufacture is to start the next year, after the construction of a plant is completed.

The plant will occupy 5 thousand square meters of land plot area. According to the preliminary data, from 150 to 200 employees will work in this industrial property.

Dmitriy Kostenko, "Plastic Omnium Inergy" executive, stated that an enterprise, located on the industrial park territory, would focus on manufacturing plastic gas tanks for Nissan and Ford car models.

Integrated home building factory "Plastic Omnium Inergy" is the result of merging of local manufacture "Detalstroykonstruktsiya" and a French enterprise Inergy Automotive.

Plant in "Mar'ino" industrial park is not the only manufacturing facility of Inergy Automotive. There are two more plants are in Vladimir region, as well as in Tolyatti, the core of the their industry.

French manufacturer mostly produces plastic gas tanks. The company has 25 plants in 19 countries of the world.

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