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2 октября 2013

Russian industrial parks on the Chinese model

Russian industrial parks on the Chinese model industrial parks

The way Russian government supports industrial parks. According to the Western concept of industrial parks sponsorship, state authorities constantly encourage entrepreneurs – usually, it is the government that orders goods or researches, performed by the industrial park.

Silicon Valley is a good example of such policy, as its residents can make use of financial, fiscal and foreign trade benefits. Industrial park Bangalore implements the same strategy.

The Chinese government has chosen a slightly different way of motivating entrepreneurs. In China, state authorities act as an investor and a regulator.

As of today, Russian Federation has already chosen its way for the development of industrial parks – the same as the Chinese model.

Local industrial parks are focused on the traditional economical spheres, the same ones that were developing in the USSR.  These spheres include: construction material manufacture, gas and automotive industry, as well as pharmaceutical goods manufacture.

Russian regional authorities with the most congenial investment atmosphere have founded special organizations, aimed at attracting prospective residents. However, the majority of similar agencies do not have a clear picture of working with a prospective investor.

These agencies should work on establishing a smooth-running intermediacy between an industrial park and an investor. The collaboration between the latter should start with developing a major concept and end with the beginning of the construction. Finding an asset management company is another problem. Quite recently, Russia had few experts in this field.

Among the questions, solved by Russian industrial parks owners, one should mention: unique selling proposition with a high quality project, developing industrial park project, and professional management of the industrial park.

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