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2 октября 2013

Two logistics parks are projected for the construction in Moscow vicinity

Two logistics parks are projected for the construction in Moscow vicinity  logistics park

Two villages – Chekhovskoe and Stupinskoe have been chosen as the construction sites.  Press agency of Moscow region housing and utilities sector stated that in the nearest future two new logistics parks would appear in Moscow vicinity (Stupinskoe and Chekhovskoe). Land plot area of 58 Ha has already been allocated for this purpose.

The first logistics complex will be located in a village in Chekhovskoe region and will occupy land plot area of 29.2 Ha. Infrastructure development plan for this region presupposes the expansion of M2 highway in the vicinity of the property under construction. Projected width of a roadway is 8 meters. According to the project, logistics center will comprise support facilities, warehousing facilities, and a site for the deposit of transportation facilities.

Currently, land plot area projected for the construction of the logistics park, belongs to "Logistics-A" company. The information can be found on the official site of the Moscow Department of Architecture.

Agricultural logistics park is going to be built in Stupinskoe region. 29 Ha of land plot area in the country near Semenovskoe has been allocated for this project.

This logistics park will comprise engineering services facilities, warehousing facilities, and transport infrastructure. This logistics park will service transit traffic flows on a special site, comprising up to 140 cars.

According to the information on the official site of Moscow urban development, "Dial Group Logistics" company is the current tenant of the land plot area projected for the logistics park construction.

Both sites, projected for the logistics park construction, are beneficial for locating warehousing facilities. In addition, logistics is rapidly developing there. The region has a solid logistics infrastructure with a branch railway line and a bigger ring of the capital's main railway line. Also, a highroad and major highways are located next to the villages projected for the construction of the properties.

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