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1 октября 2013

New hypermarket “Lenta” will be built in Ulyanovsk region

New hypermarket “Lenta” will be built in Ulyanovsk region industrial park

Agreement for the construction of this new hypermarket has been signed during an investment forum in Sochi. The third hypermarket "Lenta" is going to be built in Sochi. The decision has been made during "From industrial park to industrial cluster" meeting.

The meeting was held during a forum that took place on the 27-29th September 2013 in Sochi. Delegation from Ulyanovsk region became one of the members of this international forum.

The hypermarket, discussed in the mentioned above agreement, will be built in Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region. The agreement is estimated at 800 million rubles. The hypermarket will be placed into operation by 2014.

According to the minister of innovation and strategic development of Ulyanovsk region, this meeting addressed investors' latest expectations to technical parks under construction.  In addition, it discussed whether it is beneficial to develop new properties on the basis of an old infrastructure.

Industrial parks should first of all develop adjoining industries. If there is an already existing property, it is going to be much easier to use it than to build a new one. Thus, plants will expand their production, while investor will have their chance to conduct business.

Denis Manturov, minister of industry and trade, Boris Titov, commissioner for the rights of entrepreneurs, and chief officer of the Association of Russian industrial parks, took part in this forum.

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