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24 октября 2013

New warehousing equipment types

New warehousing equipment types warehousing equipment

Electro scooter as a logistics tool. Due to recession in world's economy, deteriorating economic environment in the country and high warehousing lease and maintenance rates, a lot of companies are trying to cut logistics expenses down. More and more retailers and manufacturers are using electro scooters to move across their storage facilities. This approach helps to minimize time and effort needed for walking.

In addition, scooters help to minimize the use of warehousing equipment (driveless trucks, stack pilers, forklifts) for purposes other than intended, namely for employee transportation.

Average speed of a person is 6 km per hour, so, if a person has to walk 1 km a day, it will take him up to 5 hours a week. An employer loses money if working hours are used unproductively. In addition, one has to consider warehousing equipment amortization, especially if it is being used for employee transportation. Finally, it is impossible to take off the counts the weariness from walking on foot.

Electro scooters can help to solve all of these problems. Most big warehousing facility owners have already purchased this equipment.

The device consumes 1/10 battery charge per 40 km at 25 km/hour speed. Scooters are eco-friendly, light, mobile and noiseless.

This equipment is suitable both for regular employees and managers, who need to control warehousing operations on a regular basis.

WESP company employees had already seen the value of this innovative logistics solution. They noticed time and labor savings, as well as an overall increase in warehouse productivity.

One should also note that latest warehousing logistics projects already presuppose the use of electro scooters.

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