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13 ноября 2013

Yale company offers an MR-series richtrack

Yale company offers an MR-series richtrack richtrack

Modern equipment is developing rapidly, which has been proven by a loading equipment company Yale. Yale demonstrated an MR-series richtrack, which has a wide range of opportunities.

Yale richtracks optimize warehousing efficiency. Their speed characteristics are best in class – 14 km per hour with an elevation of 12.65 meters, and a mast extension speed increased up to 0.8 meters per second.

Low speed mode, fork tilt auto regulation system, regenerative braking, curve deceleration, and laser positioning systems allow MR-series richtracks to automatically control work performance.

MR16HD model takes into account lifting range requirements. It can lift 1 ton of freight up to 12.5 meters high. Soon, Yale is going to patent new load lifting mast construction, optimizing freight elevation and minimizing mast destabilization. You have a chance to purchase equipment with lower load capacity that can elevate freights at greater heights. In addition, the construction offers greater visibility range through protection cap and a mast.

MR model has 3 frame and 4 chassis sizes, so you can purchase equipment fully meeting customer's requirements.

The equipment has an updated control system with a steering wheel on the left side and a mini-lever machine or a Yale system, controlling hydraulic functions, on the right side. Precise and practically immediate response of the devices allow operator to transport freights quickly and accurately.

One of the company employees commented on the latest Yale system: "New richtrack has the highest ergonomics in the industry, ensuring high productivity while minimizing the costs. This richtrack is the first step to new market standards".

New commercial service center was opened in Belgorod.

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