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19 ноября 2013

Concern Jungheinrich increases its bookings

Concern Jungheinrich increases its bookings Jungheinrich

During the first nine months of 2013 Jungheinrich considerably increased its net revenue, which reached the same mark as the total revenue for 2012.

Jungheinrich's bookings increased by 1% in comparison with 2012, while total order volume increased by 37% (the data as of the end of 2012). Concern council justifies its prediction for the next year net revenue and order volume. They are planning to reach EBIT mark of 165-170 million euro.

World economy is buoyant; during the last three quarters of 2013, lifting and transporting equipment volume increased by 5%. Still, in comparison with 2012, there was a 1% decrease in European demand, which is crucial for Jungheinrich. While Eastern European market has grown by 8%, Western European market has decreased by 3%. In Asia, sales have grown by 8%, and in North America – by 11%.

Jungheinrich's net revenue for 2013 (as for the last nine months) is 1 743 million euro. So, there was an increase in net revenue as compared with 2012 – 1 720 million euro.

Overall net revenue rate, which remains the same, has increased in such spheres as equipment for lease, sales of used equipment, and service maintenance, which compensated an obvious decrease in sales on non-used equipment.

Another reason for net revenue reduction is the launch of a new logistic system factory in Degernport, as well as placing of new storage facilities into operation. First load trucks were produced in September, and manufacturing volume decreased due to drawbacks in the production setting.

The concern expects further economic growth, which is why Jungheinrich counts on the development of heavy machinery market. The company expects higher growth index on the Asian market. In addition, Northern American market is also expected to grow.

In 2014, the company expects stable growth in world's economy, which is why it believes that heavy machinery market will also continue to grow. Jungheinrich's product line includes warehouse equipment, pallet systems, and a variety of warehouse optimization services. The company has 4 branches and over 65 service centers in Russia.

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