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6 сентября 2013

No place for warehouses in Moscow

No place for warehouses in Moscow warehouses

In the nearest future, warehousing demand will continue to grow. Today, Internet commerce in Moscow uses only 5% of its total warehousing potential. Experts state that warehousing demand will grow as the share of e-commerce in the region grows. The information has been provided by an international think tank. The agency also noted that Moscow is on the seventh position among cities with the highest lease rates.

The only thing that might stop e-commerce from growing is a recession in world's economy, which can happen any day now. Yet, the fact that e-commence stores choose smaller warehouses, located far from the city center, refutes this opinion.

Famous store OZON is a good example. Its warehouse is located in Tverskaya region. Today, the demand for warehouses in Moscow considerably outruns the supply. Only 1.1% of total warehouses are vacant in in Moscow, and in a 10-mile radius the vacancy rate is also low – just 10%.

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