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21 ноября 2013

Three agro industrial logistics complexes will be launched in Moscow

Three agro industrial logistics complexes will be launched in Moscow logistics complexes

Mr. Nemeryuk believes that Moscow will not be threatened by a vegetable crisis.According to Alexsey Nemeryuk, vegetable base in Western Biryulevo is still closed. As a result, 35 ton of fruit and vegetables were left unclaimed. Mr. Nemeryuk believes that this property can be transformed into a distribution center, as the base is well equipped.

Small restaurants and retailers faced the negative consequences of the base termination, however, they only had to experience these difficulties for three weeks, as soon afterwards new logistics structure was placed into operation. Alexsey Nemeryuk explains: "Most leaseholders from the vegetable base cooperated with other storage facilities as well, which is why they simply signed new deals and built new supply chains".

According to Mr. Nemeruyk, the prices did not change after the base closed. Increase in common vegetable prices can be explained by unfavorable weather conditions and a poor harvest. Most the vegetables are still in the ground due to excessive precipitation in the beginning of this fall.

Mr. Nemeruyk also notes that the rest of the fruit and vegetables bases in the capital will not be shut down: "We realize that these logistics properties are essential for supplying Moscow with fresh and vegetables". In addition, he mentioned that in the nearest future three more agro industrial logistics complexes will be launched in the city: "Soon we will start negotiating the possibility of placing these properties into operation with the mayor of Moscow".

As a reminder, three directions were defined for the construction of these logistics centers: southern one – agro production from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan; Kievskoe highway – Poland, Ukraine and Belarus; and northern one – goods from Europe. Alexsey Nemeryuk says: " We believe that next year all preparatory stages will be implemented. This also presupposes the creation of proper infrastructure. By 2015 we will begin the construction of new agro industrial logistics centers". The head of Moscow department of commerce and service also believes that in the nearest future, a new agro industrial complex will appear in one of the Moscow markets.

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