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26 ноября 2013

Warehousing properties in the third quarter of 2013

Warehousing properties in the third quarter of 2013 PNK-Vnukovo

For the first time in several years, construction rate outperformed consumption rate. During the third quarter of 2013 526 thousand square meters of warehousing properties has been placed into operation. 90% of the territories have been immediately consumed by the market.

By the end of the year, 212 thousand square meters of property will be placed into operation, which leads us to believe that approximately 1 million square meters of land is going to be new annual offer index. This is a record index since 2007. It is 45% higher compared to the last year. The properties that have been placed in to operation in the third quarter of the year equal overall property demand in 2012.

Industrial parks of the southern direction are characterized by the highest placing into operation rate. Several properties have been placed into operation there: logistics complex "PNK-Chehov 2" and logo-park "Klimovsk". The northern direction of the region placed into operation 110 thousand square meters of properties. These properties are situated on "Sever" industrial park territory. An estimated value of commercial property construction for the next year will constitute approximately 1.4 million dollars. 35% of this amount are already under contracts.

The majority of territories that have been placed into operation during the third quarter of 2013, are already sold. Regarding territories that are going to be placed into operation by the end of the year, one can observe a similar tendency: over a half of these territories have already been purchased.

Such rates indicate that recent periods were characterized by an increased activity. Transactions made during 3rd quarter of the year constitute 303 thousand square meters.  Last year index is 5% lower. The biggest transactions include: General Motors renting 40 thousand square meters of land plot area in "Yuzhnye Vrata" (Southern Gates) industrial park; and Volkswagen renting 50 thousand square meters of land in "PNK Chehov-2". Permanent work for these clients will start next year. In addition, it is important to mention "PNK-Vnukovo" transaction, when "Post of Russia" purchased 55 thousand square meters of its warehousing territories.

Vacancy rate is relatively low. By the end of the third quarter it constituted no more than 1.26%. Lease rates remain at no more than 140 dollars per square meter a year.

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