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28 ноября 2013

How many warehouses does retail need?

How many warehouses does retail need? warehouses

"Growing Points" event that took place on the 21th November in Ararat Park Hayatt addressd the most pressing issues. "Warehousing as a commerce engine" discussion board members decided that warehousing development potential in our country is highly optimistic, however developers can only start their constructions in case of efficient demand from manufacturers and retailers.

The following members took part in the event: PPFRealEstate, Artur Abdrahmanov, Rustam Yuldashev, Denis Shulga, and some others. Nikolai Kazanskiy, chief partner in ColliersInternational, gave an introductory speech.

In his speech, he noted that local warehousing market has great potential, however today only 13 million square meters of warehousing property is being used, while one more million is placed into operation annually. Even if we suppose that the space will increase twice, Russia will still lack warehousing facilities. Increase in Internet sales, as well as in logistics facilities, is the main factor that contributes to warehousing development. Despite the fact that currently only 2% of total transactions are made over the Internet, this sphere will continue to grow in the nearest future.

Summing up the essence of the event, discussion board members agreed that Russia has great warehousing potential. However, only those regions that are characterized by an efficient demand are ready to invest into construction of the mentioned above properties.

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