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18 ноября 2013

Industrial property is going to develop in a built-to-suite format

Industrial property is going to develop in a built-to-suite format built-to-suite

This particular format gives rise to commercial property development. Experts from Portal Group Company noted that the latest built-to-suite format gave rise to industrial property development. This information and data have been provided by the participants of an international project "In-Park 2013", which is now taking place in Novosibirskaya region.

The experts state that today the majority of the constructions in the country are made key-ready upon the customer's request. Internationally, this format is called built-to-suite. This particular format is being successfully developed in major European countries. It is the best option for the developer, as it is risk-free and highly efficient from the financial perspective. This information has been provided by Sergei Orehanov, CEO of the Portal Group.

Portal Group offers investors construction of industrial territories that can be further on sold to entrepreneurs, as well as property construction for lease. In business sphere everything has to be decent: namely, the developer should develop the property, while the investor should develop the production. In foreign countries this system was adopted a long time ago, while in Russia it is still in the beginning stages. After complex evaluation of the industry, it became obvious that a lot of real estate professionals believe its state to be optimistic. Major challenges faced by the industry include liquidity and absence of regulatory background. Decent funding of industrial property construction, public private partnership development and regulatory body formation are the major tools that can improve this situation.

The research takes into account opinion of over 63 real estate professionals, whose manufactures can be found in over 24 regions of Russia.

Portal Group is a cluster of foreign and local developing, construction and investment companies that have business experience in over 12 countries, including Russia and former USSR-countries.

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