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11 сентября 2013

Lipetsk will spend 600 million rubles on a new industrial park

Lipetsk will spend 600 million rubles on a new industrial park industrial park

Industrial park construction will help Lipetsk to get rid of the 'company town' status. Enterprises in this new industrial park will kick-start their production by the end of next year. This information has been provided by an Economic Department chairman during a press conference.

The main principle of the new industrial park is to allow small and medium business owners to acquire equipped territory on beneficial terms and locate their productions on those territories. The project is to be developed, as it is planned to expand beyond the industrial zone. By that time, investment product is going to be issued on a commercial scale.

Lipetsk industrial park is on 9th May street. The government allotted a 4 Ha land plot area for this project. As of today, the territory has been improved and the administrative building repaired. The total cost of the project is estimated at 600 million rubles.

Municipal, federal and regional budgets are to fund to the construction. Ten entrepreneurs have already showed their interest in locating their manufactures on the industrial park territory. Currently, they are filing the paper work.
Lipetsk is a company town, one of the 335 Russian municipal districts that require funding. Right now, Lipetsk has to get rid of the company status, which is one of the main reasons for the industrial park construction. Tax and lease benefits for the residents are currently being projected. The residents will also have an opportunity to make use of the latest equipment.

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