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12 сентября 2013

Today KR Properties company became a leader in the real estate market

Today KR Properties company became a leader in the real estate market sklad

The company runs 1 billion square meters of land in Russia Real estate deals have always been associated with considerable expenses. That is why it is so important to choose a reliable company that has already proven itself in the real estate market. Starting 2000, KR Properties has been considered to be just the type of company.

Currently, it runs over 0.5 billion square meters of commercial property.

Muscovites have been familiar with KR Properties for quite a time, as this company constructed such complexes as "Danilov manufacture 1867" and "Red Rose 1875". The mentioned above business districts offer properties both for sale and for lease.

Another service rendered by KR Properties is commercial property, warehousing facilities and show rooms on lease. Impressive choice of commercial properties for sale will satisfy any customer's needs. For instance, in Merchant Gallery on Kuznetskiy Bridge one can find both small, up to 3 square meters, rooms and big ones – from 10 to 25 square meters. In addition, KR Properties offers space on lease in other regions of Moscow – for example, in Mar'ina Roscha. Here you can select space varying from 41 to 82 square meters. The company has other unique offers like self-storage warehouses, city-boxes. Space on lease in similar property can be as small as 1 square meter. Both individuals and entities can make use of this service.

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