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16 сентября 2013

Warehousing offer does meet the demand

Warehousing offer does meet the demand Warehousing

Construction of new warehouses does not reduce the lack of commercial properties in the regions. Current warehousing offer in Moscow region cannot meet the demand. Despite the fact that new property construction gets to a pre-crisis level, entrepreneurs who are willing to purchase storage facilities still face certain difficulties.

According to industrial and warehousing property experts, Moscow region already lacks 665 thousand square meters of property, while an optimistic forecast states that by 2015 the market will be lacking 850 thousand square meters of warehousing properties. Enormous rate of placing new territories into operation next year will not help either. The specialists predict that by the end of 2013 approximately 1 million square meters of storage facilities will be placed into operation.

When it comes to A-class warehouses, vacancy rate is approaching zero, while for B and B+ warehouses it constitutes 0.02. This happens because leaseholders are striving to start their business on a high quality territory, and because of the latest trend to create facilities implementing "built-to-suit" approach.

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