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16 сентября 2013

“Post of Russia” company is ready to buy a new terminal in Vnukovo

“Post of Russia” company is ready to buy a new terminal in Vnukovo terminal

The deal will cost 63 million dollars. Reputed local company "Post of Russia" is currently negotiating the possibility of purchasing 55 thousand square kilometers of Vnukovo logistics' territory in order to set up another terminal for processing post. This information has been announced by a media employee, who referred to a professional developer in charge of this deal. Total cost of this real estate property can reach 63 million dollars.

Knigh Frank company was in charge of looking for the terminal site. Currently, the warehouse on the territory of the airport belongs to Merchant House "Vinnikoff", an alcohol distributor.

The space of logistics terminal "Post of Russia" is planning to purchase will constitute approximately 12% of all commercial property that is about to be sold by the end of the year.  In total, developers are planning to sell 450 thousand square meters of land. The approximate cost of a class A warehouse in Moscow and its region varies from 1.15 to 1.35 thousand dollars per square meter.

Russian government appointed the "Post of Russia" to launch another terminal after the company had started to experience difficulty processing international packages at the airports. During one particular incident, about 100 packages got stuck at the air hubs, as the post simply could not take them in time. Plus, the capital processes about 40% of all post sent over the country, which is another challenge.

This winter there is expected to be a 66% increase in the amount of international packages sent over Moscow. "Post of Russia" is planning to speed up data processing by creating a special mode for the freights, which constitute the biggest part in any post stream.

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