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7 октября 2013

Karcher warehousing complex opens in Krasnodar

Karcher warehousing complex opens in Krasnodar Karcher warehousing complex

Equipment is being supplied directly from Germany, which will allow the company to produce high-quality goods. The growing demands of a modern market result in the necessity to expand the production. It will allow the company to minimize deficiency risks, timely react to the customers' demand and will ensure desired inventory of equipment and accessories. The new warehousing facility will help to optimize the expenses by bringing together domestic needs of the region.

The complex will be situated next to "Karcher" company in Krasnodar. Southern Federal district has been meticulously chosen, as this territory is the crossroads of major traffic streams.

While looking for the site, preference was given to class A facilities, since they meet all the essential requirements. The height of the ceiling is 10 meters, the floors are made of reinforced concrete, with over 6 ton per square meter load-carrying capacity. In winter, warehousing temperature conditions are 15-16 degrees Celsius. Warehousing facility occupies 1 124 square meters, space, sufficient for installing 1350 euro pallets. Complex management is planning to place 25-30 different product items on the property territory. Mainly the items will include well-known household appliances. The territory also presupposes a parking lot comprising up to 5 freight trucks.

Starting this August, immediately after the equipment had been installed, Karcher started to dispatch the goods. By the end of this fall, warehousing complex will be working at its full capacity.

As of today, Karcher is one the world's leading household appliance manufacturers. The company was founded by Alfred Karcher, in Germany, 1935. The company's key to success is innovation. It has over 1200 patents, granted for the manufacture of the newest production items.

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