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11 октября 2013

“Yuzhniy” industrial park will upstart next to Tsarskoe Selo

“Yuzhniy” industrial park will upstart next to Tsarskoe Selo industrial park

New infrastructural property will be situated by Kievskoe highway. "Start Development", LtD, a famous investment-development company, has announced its new industrial park project, "Yuzhniy SPB". The park will be situated in 18 km from the central airport and will occupy 99 Ha.

Investors are planning to finish the construction in 2015. The industrial park will comprise enterprises with an occupational hazard rate from 3 to 5. Service lines and infrastructure are being developed at the investor's cost.

Yuzhniy, St.Petersburg's fellow town is, in fact, a never-ending project that has been in construction for over 19 years. Lodging construction is supposed to create accommodation for 130 thousand people. It will include kindergartens, hospitals and a cultural center.

According to the project, 116 thousand employment opportunities will be created in town, which constitutes 45% of Yuzhniy working population.

Another notable factor is technical parks structure. Among already functioning territories, only two are in public property, while the rest are private investors' creations.

However, as of today, the situation is beginning to change: among properties projected for the construction, 40% are in public property.

The services rendered by industrial parks increase day after day and currently include nutrition, space on lease, a variety of services, health and safety, fire-fighting systems. Yet, none of the complexes can render the full range of services as of today.

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