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28 ноября 2013

“Pokupochka” built a new refrigerating warehousing complex

“Pokupochka” built a new refrigerating warehousing complex “Pokupochka”

The property is situated in Samara region. At the begging of this month, Volgograd retailers, "Tamerlan" company group placed into operation a set of refrigerating warehouses, situated in their own distribution center in Samara.

A dry-type warehouse occupying over 4.3 thousand square meters is the base of this distribution center. It includes supply depot, alcohol depot, and household chemicals depot. Refrigerating warehouse occupies over 1.5 thousand square meters.

Over 200 square meters of the total space are segregated for storing deep freeze vegetables. Bananas occupy other 60 square meters, while the rest of the territory is used as goods exchange area.

According to the CEO of the company, placing this new refrigerating warehouse into operation will lead to a highly positive effect, as it will help to optimize the logistic structure. Previously, the company relied on distributors, which often resulted in supply failures.

Currently, frozen goods and vegetables are supplied as frequently as before, yet, the optimization has lead to a 5-time increase in sales. Moreover, working without distributors helps to keep the prices down and to carefully monitor the supplied goods.

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