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28 ноября 2013

Experts discussed the potential of the local warehousing market

Experts discussed the potential of the local warehousing market  warehousing market

There are growth opportunities for this economic sector in Russia.The majority of discussion board agreed that Russia has vast opportunities for the development of warehousing facilities. The main drawback, however, is that construction will only become possible in case of the effective demand from retailers and manufacturers.

Currently, over 30 million square km of land in Russia are occupied by warehousing facilities. About one million square km of commercial property is placed into operation annually. Still, even this is not enough to outperform warehousing capabilities of the neighboring countries.

There are several reasons for that: first of all, Internet sales growth, as well as the growth of warehousing capabilities for online-operators. Despite the fact that currently only 2% of total transactions are made over the Internet, the experts predict that this index will continue to grow. This, in its turn, means that Russia requires more warehousing facilities. In particular, not only big cities, but also small towns are already lacking storage facilities.

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