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7 сентября 2012

British creditors sell Teorema Holding property to cover the debts

1862918077Private enterprise Teorema Holding PLC, placed at Cyprus, has been bankrupt for more than a year. Currently, it is losing its final assets in St. Petersburg. These are operating logistics center in Obuhovo and a construction site land in Ropshe. Teorema Holding PLC has offered creditors these assets to cover the debts more than once; however, all propositions have been rejected till recently.
Property for sale can be of great interest for the developers. Warehouse center in Obuhovo is highly popular among tenants, and its territory is 100% full. Taking into account a possibility of investment return within 7-9 years, it can become a beneficial purchase. The success of Ropshe land is not that obvious, since town planning documentation on this object is not yet available. Despite its bankruptcy, Teorema Holding PLC carries on with its business – that is, providing lease for commercial property in St. Petersburg. The company manages 7 business centers in differebt districts of St. Petersburg.

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