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6 сентября 2012

DHL Freight opens a new line of multiload

dhl-express 0Starting with this August DHL Freight affords new possibilities of multiload deliveries through Riga-St. Petersburgh route. Russian companies from the northwestern regions can now make use of the totally new service level, including loading cargo in any European or Turkish city, weekly transportation from Riga and Helsinki, and delivery to a warehouse in St. Petersburg.
This service will give DHL Freight customers new competitive advantages on the market, since placing transportation in the hands of a reliable company presupposes a full complex of logistics services, including house to house deliveries, customs processing, warehouse services and an ability to constantly keep track of your cargo movements. Finally, the services will be rendered at affordable prices, within short timeframes. By including Latvia in the supply chain, it is possible to reduce muliload delivery costs throughout Russia, and optimize customs processing procedures in St. Petersburg

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