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6 сентября 2012

YugRosProduct invests 200 000 000 Euro in “Helios” industrial park

gelios"YugRosProduct", LtD is beginning to carry out into action an investment project for "Helios", an industrial park worth of 200 000 000 Euro. The project is approved by the Stavropol region government and is about to receive government guarantee. The industrial park will launch flat glass manufacturing, its industrial processing, electricity production, will develop transportations, and will also produce vegetables and greenery.
The contract for the delivery of glass plant equipment worth of 10 000 000 Euro by May 2013 is already signed with EM-glass company. In addition, YugRosProduct" plans to create a solar battery shop floor. Infrastructure and accompanying manufactures are expected to grow. Accommodation for 600 families of the industrial park employees is about to be built. A project of 300 truck transport enterprise and 200 wagon railroad center on the territory of the industrial park is being designed at the moment. Sand benefaction complex, dealing with a million tons of sand a year, will be built in Blagodarenskiy region. All in all, everything promises to maintain manufacture and glass transportation to the Russian regions, as well as abroad.

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