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1 октября 2012

Russian logo parks – problems and opportunities

397886071Logistics Park is a specially designed warehouse-manufacturing complex, taking into account the variety of technological processes and storing options, as well as elaborate transport and equipment solutions. As rule, these are class A storage facilities. The territory of the logistics complex can be equipped with open storage areas, small and intermediate manufactures, customs terminals, etc. The following infrastructure can as well include office, administrative and commercial premises.

The main advantages of the logistics park over the typical warehousing complex are as follows: a wider range of cargo handling opportunities, higher quality of storage conditions, customer service flexibility, mobility of warehouse equipment, and better management of rented premises, allowing both expansion and reduction of the rental offices.

Currently, Russian logo parks belong to both local and foreign logistics operators. Government actively supports construction of similar objects, since it creates congenial investment climate and opens hundreds of jobs. In addition, local logistics complexes increase sales turn over and reduce retailer's transportation costs. All in all, social standards of living are increased.

At the same time, there are certain problems while constructing logo parks in the regions, mostly due to the poor transportation availability. Many territories that have good transportation availability are registered as forest-parks, urban forests and recreational areas. That is, a transition to the manufacturing area is associated with a range of problems.

Still, there are some successful projects of logo parks in Leningrad region (postal-express logo park in Pulkovo), Kaluga region (techno park "Vorsino"), Rostov region (logo park "Don"), Bashkortostan (logo park "Sygma"), Sverdlovsk region (logo park "Pyshma") and others. Siberia and Far East attract a lot of attention from the investors. Designing logo parks in these areas can greatly increase goods traffic from Asia, especially from China. New logo parks in Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk and Khabarovsk should appear by 2015.

Several Russian logo parks did not meet investors' expectations and are currently in the course of legal arguments for the return of investments and credit repayment. Still, certain logo parks continue to build new objects, even in spite of the legal issues.

Redesigning old Soviet manufacturing facilities into the warehouse ones is a common solution for the insufficiency of the high quality warehouse facilities. A good example is logo park "Tomilino" in the Moscow region, created on the basis of former Tomilino poultry farm, and transport-logistics center LOGOPARK in the Kirov region (on the basisconcrete goods factory).

Due to the Russian tendency of designing manufacturing and transport-logistics enterprises outside the city limits one can foresee an increase in logo park amount. Even now the demand on such objects is considerably higher than the supply.

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