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2 октября 2012

What is a Customs Processing?

photo 10762Customs processing is a set of necessary formalities, which have to be observed while product handling and transportation across state boundaries. These formalities are the necessary requisites of crossing the border.

Customs processing includes customs clearance charge, customs service delivery and conclusive customs registration. Customs services are rendered by customs brokers.

Customs broker is an accredited agency, which is entitled to perform any goods handling and customs processing operations according to the legislature of Russian Federation.

Customs broker renders customs processing services in a complex solution that includes complying to all of the customs formalities with a full document package for the transported goods. Customs broker services presuppose a quick solution to any of the client's customs problems. The following may include certain problems, typically arising at the customs, such as export/import clearance, goods declaring, product certification, state inspection and many others.

Typically, companies dealing with international transportation offer a wide range of services, including customs solutions. Many clients find it convenient and more profitable to order goods transportation together with customs services, all rolled into one. Distributing liability among several companies is not common. Currently, one of the most competitive advantages a company can offer is a complex of export/import services, allowing you house-to-house cargo delivery.

Ordering customs broker services allows you to reduce time and financial expenditures while customs processing, and, thus, goods transportation in general, increasing the efficiency of your company's foreign economic activity. Professionals, perfectly aware of all customs control cornerstones, will help you to avoid potential mistakes in maintaining documents, which could lead to grave penalties and detention of cargo in customs warehouses.

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