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28 сентября 2012

Warehouse Management Software: Major Benefits

Event Driven WMSTo put it simply, warehouse management software (WMS) is an application supporting daily warehouse operations. WMS solutions make management of everyday tasks centralized. Centralized tasks may include stock locations, tracking inventory levels and other day-to-say operations.

Warehouse management software systems may operate as individual applications or to be a part of Enterprise Recourse Planning (ERP) program.

Previously, warehouse management software was less sophisticated, even limited. Mostly, it could only allow tracking the location of your goods within a warehouse facility. Today, though, WMS systems have grown extremely sophisticated, allowing complex and intensive solutions to your everyday operations. Certain high-end software includes such technologies as voice recognition or even Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

Due to this change in software systems, many modern warehouses require a staff of IT professionals to manage this elaborated equipment and run it efficiently. So, a system that initially controlled storage and movement of goods within a warehouse, grew into a vast complex, embracing order management, transportation management, light manufacturing and, of course, accounting system management.

Processing and setup of a definite software management system will mostly depend on a software vendor.

However, even though certain details differ from one vendor to another, the basic logic remains pretty much the same. It is based on the combination of items, their location, quantity, unit of measure, as well as order information determining where to pick and stock the material. Another important thing is to perform these operations in a definite sequence, bearing in mind your basic goals. In other words, any warehouse management software system, from the simplest to the most complex one, is designed to provide management staff with relevant information they need to control material movements more efficiently.

That is, an effective warehouse management software system plays an important part in the supply chain, being designed to control goods in the warehouse – how they move along, where they move to and how exactly does the movement occur. Finally, it has to track record of where the goods are stored once the movement is finished. Thus, warehouse management presupposes control over goods receipt, storage and movement. Sometimes goods are as well traced from intermediate locations to the customer.

Since warehouse management software is in charge of items within a warehouse, another goal is to keep record of all active and archived transactions, including shipping, receiving, storing and picking. Directed replenishment, picking and put-away are crucial for this type of software. In addition, these systems analyze the status of bin utilization and optimize stock put away based on the data analysis. This presupposes tracking systems, physical infrastructure and communication between stations.

All in all, good reliable warehouse management system is a perfect solution for handling stock receipt and return into the facility, management of the logical representations of the physical storage facilities, managing goods within the warehouse and enabling a perfect tool to logistics and order processing.

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