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28 сентября 2012

Tips on Warehouse Cleaning

uborochnaya tehnikaCleaning a warehouse might appear more challenging than it seems. There are many things to cover - from cleaning and degreasing equipment and packages to scrubbing and washing the floor.

In addition, cleaning a warehouse is not as simple as cleaning one's home; everything appears to be dustier, dirtier and even greasier. However, a good warehouse owner will have to keep his/her place of business in order, as it is essential for keeping old clients and attracting new ones.


To keep both exterior and interior parts of the warehouse clean it is crucial to follow the correct cleaning procedure. For a successful cleaning you should:

  • Use relevant solvents to ensure cleaning of the chemical spills
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning in order to avoid damage cladding, warehouse structure weakening, or erosion, all of which might lead to potential problems in future
  • Make sure that your cleaners follow appropriate health and safety policies
  • Make sure that each warehouse is cleaned at least to your minimal standards.

It is a wise idea to hire a professional cleaning service for a job like that. First of all, warehouse cleaning requires special expertise and equipment. Sure thing, professional cleaners will have both. In addition, they will be familiar with warehouse cleaning requirements. Also, they will ensure safety measures for your personnel and equipment. Finally, their experience will serve as warranty of effective and careful cleaning.

The most typical examples of professional cleaning equipment are power scrubbers and sweepers. They are commonly utilized by professional industrial cleaners. Power scrubbers, in particular, are essential for cleaning stains on concrete. Since concrete is a porous surface that holds stains well, a pressure washer will not be enough to remove stains that tough. Power scrubbers are particularly designed for cleaning heavy concrete contaminations. They help to remove a wide range of materials, including rust, grease, oil, mastics, caulk and even glue. Such scrubbers use a neutralizing solution, helping them to clean concrete surfaces efficiently.

Another industrial cleaning machine, essential for an efficient warehouse cleaning, is a power sweeper. These sweepers are perfect for keeping storage facilities free of dust. They can be efficiently used for many purposes – from heavy equipment sweeping to street and parking lot cleaning. Power sweepers remove plant debris, dust and dirt, as well as mould, mildew and even standing water.

Of course, keeping your warehouse in a good condition is essential for your business. Since warehouse facilities are extremely difficult to clean, it would be wise to assign this job to professional industrial cleaners.

They will make sure that safety precautions are met by your personnel and will make use of the proper equipment, helping them to eliminate even the heaviest stains. With the use of professional equipment experienced cleaners will maintain great condition of any warehouse.

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