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7 сентября 2012

Cold storage warehouses characteristics

itemMany retailers and manufacturers seek cold storage warehousing in order to guarantee full supply management. Present-day cold storage warehouses run automated systems, make use of modern equipment and effectively use both space and human labor.

Automated systems increase both accuracy and labor efficiency. Several providers offer customers a wide range of services, including storage, transportation, cross-docking, loading/unloading, freight management and many others. To guarantee full operational efficiency of a warehouse, it is essential to design an impeccable facility construction.

The first and foremost step includes construction site selection. The perfect choice will depend on water and wind. Water is necessary for docking purposes; at the same time it is essential that dock doors are in the opposite direction of the prevailing winds.

Since winds infiltrate the storage facility, owners run the risks of spoiling the stored products. It is as well important to bear in mind the amount of dock space. About a decade ago, a typical dock wouldn't be longer than 20 feet. Today, however, it is common to expand docks up to 60 feet and more.

Another important trend is the utilization of new security and management technologies. Apart from securing the inside of the facility, managers are taking additional measures to guarantee the security of the perimeter. More and more clients are requesting such measures to vouch for the safety of their products.

New equipment is being implemented to enable a more automated operation of the warehouses. Automated systems require less human labor (less workers and managers). Certain technologies allow owners to save money on freight costs. They include scanning, bar-coding and voice picking systems. These are only some technologies being used today.

The major concerns of warehouse operators are labor efficiency and labor, since they require significant amount of costs. Cross-dock functionality can save considerable sums of money.

Other solutions include designing larger refrigerated docks and implementation of reverse pick location zones. Transportation, labor and energy are the main factors defining the design of your facility. Modern warehouses are designed higher than before, since special equipment can handle products on higher levels.

Even though cold storage warehouses are built and designed differently, they serve the same primary function – the provision of cold supply chain management from beginning till the end. This industry quickly implements new technologies in order to keep up with constantly changing demands of cold chains.

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