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23 сентября 2012

Improving operation efficiency with contract warehousing

improvingCertain third parties facilities offer clients specialized storage services, known as contract warehousing. A lot of companies that need to store their products in centralized locations can benefit from such services. Also, you save time on goods transportation, since your goods can be transferred to a new location more promptly. Apart from saving time and money on transportation, you save additional time on order processions.

More and more 3PL and even 4-party logistics providers are emerging on the market due to the increased warehousing and transportation requirements. 3PL companies provide outsourced logistics services to the variety of customers. As a rule, such firms deal with operation, warehousing and transportation. A perfect service will be fully customized to meet customers' needs, terms of delivery and products that need to be delivered.

Contract warehousing has a number of advantages, such as:

  • Wide range of specialized services. Many companies would rather outsource warehousing and distribution than invest in them. Having simplypaid a fixed fee, any company can customize packing, cross docking, inventory control, management, transportation and quality control solutions. While a third party is held liable for all of the mentioned above actions, a company can focus on its productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Cost. Contract warehouse, just like a private warehouse, provides storage and warehousing services. Contract warehousing can be rented, while setting up a company's own warehouse facility would require a significant investment.
  • Private services. Private warehouses, offering 3PL logistics also specialize in surveillance, access control and monitored alarm. While the majority of public warehouses do not provide such services, private facilities offer much more client-orientedsolutions. In addition, private warehouses use certified racks, gaining more than 7 on Richter scale. Such racks are perfect for storing goods, ensuring their safety even in the worst conditions.
  • Useful for the variety of businesses. Contract warehouse can meet any warehousing and distribution requirements, never minding if you supply computers or stationary. 4PL and 3PL logistics providers make use of the latest IT technology to track goods and ship products in the shortest terms possible. Their databases are error free, allowing them a chance at competitive advantage and cost reduction.

Therefore, contract warehouses offer a considerably wider range of services than public ones. Contract warehousing does more that simply delivering your product from point A to point B. It offers you an optimized solution increasing your company'soperational efficiency.

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