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22 сентября 2012

Things to Know about Industrial Park

indpark copyAn industrial park is the part of the city that is classified for industrial use. It is the zone where industries such as oil refineries, chemical plants, food and beverage processors, plastic manufacturing and steel manufacturing are located. Airports and seaports are also located within the industrial park.

Industries put up their business establishments within the industrial park because of the tax incentives that the government gives. These incentives include tax increment financing. With these tax incentives the companies are able to build their infrastructure at a lower cost.

Since industrial parks are dedicated to big industries, buying a parcel of land from it is often more expensive. The price for the parcel of land in industrial parks is more expensive compared to the parcel of land bought from residential zones.

Industrial parks were setup to set apart the industrial establishments from the residential and business zones. Industries located on these zones often needs to be monitored because of the possible environmental and health damage that they may bring.

Industrial zones often have to adhere to stricter regulations because of their nature of business.The monitoring in these zones is more stringent. The companies that are located in these zones have to adhere to more health and environmental laws.

The many industries, including the hazardous ones, located at the industrial park is one of the reason why many environmentalists have staged protests against the putting up of such zones especially those that are near where many people live.

With the realization of the people on the importance of keeping the balance between the industry and the environment a new breed of industrial zone is born. The eco-industrial zone is a more environment friendly zone.

In eco-industrial zones the businesses within it work with the community to make sure that they produce lesser pollution and that resources are shared and optimized. Sustainable development and lesser environmental impact are the goals in these eco-industrial zones.

Locating in eco-industrial zones can be costlier than putting up a plant in regular industrial zones.

This is because if the environmental laws are already stringent in the normal industrial zone, it is made more stringent in the eco zones. Additional infrastructure and utilities may also have to be installed to make sure that the building is eco-friendly, as is what the goal in these zones is.

Industrial zones are some of the most accessible zones in a locality. This is because the government often provides for transportation and infrastructure to make the industrial zone more accessible.

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