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19 сентября 2012

Industrial Parks of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

greenstateAbout 20 industrial parks located in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region are in the planning stages. This market segment is comparatively young, appearing but several years ago.

This is why in Russia some consider an industrial park to imply a large warehouse complex, while others include technology parks in their definition.

Thus, in the Leningrad Region, 16 to 19 industrial parks are being created, depending on the applied definition of an industrial park.


An industrial park is the sum of the following parts.

  • A plot of land zoned for industrial use.
  • Engineering infrastructure.
  • Legal conditions.
  • A single managing company.

Currently only one industrial park project has been sold thanks to the initiative and support city authorities. It is in the Kamenka industrial zone and unites independent manufacturers of automobile parts for Huyndai. The next project will be YIT's GreenState industrial park in Gorelovo, which includes a service center for VIKING Life-Saving Equipment on 1,500 sq m, a meat-processing plant for Atria, maker of Pit-Product, on 29,000 sq m, and Gorigo logistics complex, sitting on 90,000 sq m.

Experts also cite an industrial park in Marino as actively developing, which will house automobile manufacturers Yo-Auto, Tekhnoexim, and Yarovit Motors. The next largest industrial parks are Doni Verevo, situated on 183 hs in Verevo, Fedorovsky, occupying 120 ha in the Tosnensky area, and a project taking up 60 ha in Utkiny Zavody.

The competition is already at its maximum level. Potential acquisitions are estimated at a level of 200-250 ha, in addition to the active development of 530-550 ha of so-called industrial parks. Of course, not all announced projects will turn out to be viable. Price, documentation, receiving communications, and establishing communication bases on site, will be the deciding factors.

Even with all the needed concepts for viability, a project will not survive without necessary investments and attracting investors. Ideally an industrial park will be constructed for a specific tenant with a specific long-term project. Competition will begin to escalate in the future due to land issues.

The distribution of prices for industrial park land is very wide: $40-$150 per sq m, depending on location and engineering indicators. Despite the aforementioned difficulties, many experts have a positive opinion about the future of industrial parks. The amount of quality warehouse space that could be adapted for manufacturing decreases each year, which should facilitate the demand for industrial parks from manufacturers and developers.


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