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2 августа 2012

The creation of new industrial parks is expected in the Tula region.

TulaSeven new industrial parks will soon be delegated in the region, according to an announcement made during a meeting on July 31 in the region's administration with the participation of representatives of the recently created Corporation for the Development of the Tula Region. The formation of the corporation's team and its audit has already been completed and a series of projects have already started to develop, including the creation of seven industrial parks and accompanying residential complexes.

The most developed of these projects at the moment is an industrial park in Shekinsky region, which the governor of the Tula region visited not long ago. The area of the industrial park in Shekino equals 138 ha, on which a series of textile and agricultural enterprises will be situated. The construction of more than 400,000 sq m of residential space is also being planned. The industrial park will create 1,500 jobs.


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